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Stakeholder Consultation at AN Gajuwaka

13 September, IALA Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam

Stakeholder consultation was held in AN Gajuwaka on September 13 to present the draft Climate Change Adaptation Plan for AN Gajuwaka. The plan was prepared by Buro Happold and Green Infra Creations along with CCA Project Team and presented to IALA Members of AN Gajuwaka.

The workshop was started with an introduction by IALA President, Mr. Prem Chand and Dr. Diter Brulez explained about the objective of the meeting. Further, overall CCA plan for AN Gajuwaka was presented by Mr. Hrishikesh Mahadev. This was followed by a presentation on CCA Plan for a park in D Block by Dr. Uttam Banerjee and Ms, Devottama Banerjee. The meeting ended up with the action proposed by Mr. Venu Gopal, Commissioner, IALA NA Gajuwaka.

IALA members appreciated the CCA plan and have accepted the CCA plan in principle.